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Because we all want a better life. Every day we focus on making your journey more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable in every way. We put all our engineering expertise into creating affordable technologies for optimized safety and higher performance. We find versatile solutions for your daily driving needs and make them attractive and exciting.




This is the way creativity meets everyday needs. By providing practical solutions. For example, seats that fold away, making room for large loads, floors that can be lowered to make even more space and many other options that adapt the vehicle to your changing requirements.



Comfort & Convenience

We spare no efforts to make your daily mobility simpler and more comfortable. On the one hand, we introduce revolutionary solutions such as the rear-hinged rear doors that facilitate cabin access on the Meriva. On the other hand, we make premium comforts such as industry-best ergonomic seats available in the compact class.




Active and passive, interior and exterior, night and day, driver and pedestrian. Whichever way you look at it, we are committed to the development of technologies that increase security, for you, your passengers and the world around you.


Driving Dynamics

Driving is a pleasure. That’s our belief. And we are constantly finding new ways to ensure you enjoy every kilometer of the way – confident at the wheel and always being in control of the car whatever the road conditions.



When you’re looking for new mobility concepts you won’t find us sitting back and waiting to see which way the wind blows. We don’t follow trends, we make them. And we’re clearly showing the way with cars like Europe’s first electric vehicle which you can drive without compromises – the Opel Ampera – or the HydroGen4 zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell car.


Pioneering Technology

Advance on the fast lane


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